The course curriculum and syllabus for MCA Integrated of Patel Group of Institutions is devised considering the norms of AICTE. This syllabus has endeavored the practical and theoretical learning to the students. The MCA Integrated (After 12th) programme is a semester basis with 10 semesters spread over five academic years. The duration of each semester will be around 15 weeks. 

We are trying to create the platforms for interaction between students and corporate persons from IT industry. The Corporate world and students meet is one such platform where students can interact with them who are now going to become a part of the corporate. So to train students in that way we provides..

Industrial Visit: We conduct industrial visits like MNC Industries situated in Ahmedabad & Vadodra , These visits helps the students to get the practical learning and corporate world knowledge.

Workshops: We organize workshops on Entrepreneurship Development, Personal Development, Interview Skills, CV writing skills.

Corporate Guest lecture: Every month we organize lectures on special electives. Experts from the industry are invited to share their experiences and to train the student for corporate world.

Presentations: we train the student to prepare a presentation on contemporary topics. The main objective of presentation is to sharpen their presentation skills and to make them aware about current market scenario.

Projects work :- In addition to class room teaching, the students undergo summer Internship Project for 2 months at the end of their second semester. In third and fourth semester student will make Global Country Study Report and Comprehensive project. 

Events Management:-Students of our college organized many events like Auto Expo 2014, Udhyog 2015, Job fair 2015 and 2016. Each student participated actively in each event.

Social Activities:- In addition to study our Institute also organized some social activities like Blood donation camp, Thalassemia test, Swine flu awareness camp.Where our students participated actively. 

Research Activities:- Our Institute always support Research activities. Our past many student Publish a book on personality Development with ISBN number. 

Conference Participation:- Our student participates in many national and international Conferences. The main objective for this to provide a platform to expand their knowledge world wide.

Subject Code Subject Name
4410601 Fundamental Of Computer
4410602 Fundamental of Web
4410603 Fundamental of Programming-I
4410604 Basic Mathematics for IT
4410606 Software Project I
Subject Code Subject Name
4420601 Discrete Mathematics for Computer
4420602 Advance C Programming
4420603 Fundamental of Database Management System
4420604 Communication Skill
4420605 Software Project II
Subject Code Subject Name
4430601 Java Programming
4430602 Data Struture
4430603 Statistical Methods
4430604 Database Management System
4130505 software Project III
Subject Code Subject Name
4440601 C++ with Class Library
4440602 Operation Research (OR)
4440603 Operating System
4440604 UML & Object Oriented Modelling
4440605 Software Project IV
Subject Code Subject Name
4160501 Marketing Management
4160502 Creativity n Innovation
4160503 Company Law
4160504 Information system
4160505 Project
Subject Code Subject Name
4170501 Work Experience
4170502 Project major
Subject Code Subject Name
4180501 Case study application
4180502 EIPPD
4180503 International Business
4180504 Operation management
4180505 Seminar
4180506 Supply chain management
4170502 EIPPD